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I love helping people to slow down and decompress.

After doing massage for 25 years, I still enjoy slowing down, honoring the healing spirits, and helping my clients to release tension.

In our fast paced society massage is a blessing that helps us go within to our own peaceful place to become more aware of our body's needs.

Here's my January Newsletter:

Jolly: full of good humor and merry spirits; enjoyable; greatly pleasing; mirthful; cheerful.

Happy and Healthy New Year Wishes to you all,

I just had the privilege to go to Costa Rica over the  holidays with my family. We found the locals to be so friendly and helpful and often humorous.  I got to practice my rusty spanish speaking skills and found myself laughing a lot. Overall our interactions with the Ticos were Jolly!

We saw some amazing natural beauty (Flora, Fauna, and Geological) in wet jungle areas as well as dryer ocean areas in the northwest. It was interesting to learn about the Arenal Volcanic eruption of 1968 as well as how to make Chocolate and Coffee from Cacao and Coffee plants respectively.

My husband, two sons and I went Rappelling down Waterfalls one morning as well as jumping into a stomach-sinking "Monkey Drop." The adrenaline sure made us feel Jolly!! :)

We saw monkeys, sloths, frogs, tropical birds, and adorable Coatis (Pizotes in spanish).

Lastly, I took a wonderful Yoga class with my Mom at Arenal Springs Resort on a covered deck while it was misting rain around us. The infinite ways to move the body and breath amaze me. After 24 years of practicing yoga I continue to learn and find inspiration from each class and each teacher.

May you find both inspiration and peace this year!

Namaste, Niki


Playful Yoga With Niki

Mon/Wed 12:00-1:00   Yoga for Lunch at High Desert Yoga

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 PM Yoga 1-2 Midtown Sports n Wellness


Bodywork with Niki: Voted into The Top Five Massage Therapists in Albuquerque the Magazine's Best of the City 2018 &2019!

Tune up your body and quiet your mind with individualized bodywork.

$80/hr or $115/90 min

I accept credit and debit cards with my Square reader but add in $2 for 60 min sessions, $4 for 90 min sessions, and $6 for 3paks to cover the fees.  Cash and Checks are always welcome.

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"Listen with ears of tolerance.

See through eyes of compassion.

Speak with the language of love."



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